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I completely disagree. Panpsychism has predictions that are falsifiable if you are willing to define consciousness in a way that makes sense and accept the implications of definitions that make sense.

I see consciousness as a process used by systems that create a pattern of continuity for themselves. Any pattern is copiable and transferable thus substrate independent. Consciousness is similar to the em generator though it generates information rather than electricity. It uses information rather than electrons. Both are aspects of natural fields of physics which are the foundation of our universe.

If this is true we should be able to find other natural systems of consciousness generation within nature. I think there are many. A good place to start would be Jon Leif. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonlieffmd/ Another good place to start is Stephen L. Thaler, Ph.D., Imagination engines. https://imagination-engines.com/founder.html.

Both of these demonstrate from different directions that panpsychism is a description of consciousness fields within nature having effects upon real time natural systems.

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