Aphorisms & pithy statements

Aphorisms  and pithy statements that punch above their weight. Click the date to go to the original tweet.

The greater the discrepancy between your conscious and your subconscious, the greater the volatility of your ideas and insights. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) March 18, 2011

Arrogance is the triumph of ego over intelligence. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) December 9, 2010

The greater the discrepancy between what you want to achieve and what you want to be doing every day, the greater the chance you will fail. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) November 21, 2010

I don’t get why society doesn’t have a sign-up form and why I was never asked if I agree to its terms. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) December 2, 2010

Underestimation substitutes courage. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) November 24, 2010

Believe you can do more than you think, because if you do, you will. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) September 3, 2010

Some people get annoyed when you tell them about your dreams, simply because it reminds them that they have given up on theirs. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) May 21, 2010

Maybe you can’t achieve all you can conceive, but you definitely cannot achieve what you cannot conceive. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) May 3, 2010

Discipline is best cultivated through passion. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) April 16, 2010

You reap what you sow, but if don’t sow you reap nothing. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) March 14, 2010

Not knowing what you want but hoping for success is like trying to kick a ball into a goal with your eyes closed, hoping to score. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) January 22, 2010

Wisdom is knowing what to do with knowledge. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) April 30, 2010

True friendship is a strong bond between two people that is independent of its own course. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) March 17, 2010

The only test true love has to pass is that it doesn’t require any testing at all. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) February 7, 2010

Music that triggers emotions, bookmarks moments in your memory. — Pawel A. Pachniewski (@pwlot) July 31, 2010

In a world where pretense and dishonesty dominate, honesty and authenticity trigger suspicion. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) January 3, 2010

Social media is augmented ego. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) November 2, 2009

Power exposes morality. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) November 10, 2009

Take responsibility for your life, but do not grow up. There is no benefit to it. — Pawel Pachniewski (@pwlot) November 15, 2009