Where I argue to err on the side of caution - which in my book means rapid acceleration

January 2023

An overview and preview for subscirbers
A catastrophic or existential risk for any civilization that radically self-modifies their minds and develops AGI

December 2022

Why large language models like ChatGPT are not conscious
The genie is out of the bottle
A future-proof term for a cognitive unit a mind tries to access, but is absent.

November 2022

A term for the space of all possible experiences to be had
From a complete description of the universe we seem to be able to exhaustively derive a totality of all facts about the universe, save for one key…

October 2022

Panpsychism is the idea that mind is everywhere and in everything. It is the view that mind or mindlike aspects are simply features of all reality or…
A decade ago AGI or Strong AI were terms that were mostly associated with crackpots. Those who work on the unattainable and bizarre goal of building an…
The strength of evolution is that it doesn’t know what it’s doing. The weakness of evolution is that it doesn’t know what it’s doing. So what you end up…

September 2022

Mental Contractions is my blog on enhancing, extending, and exploring existence. The coming decades constitute a particularly turbulent transition…